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Does anyone know where to find any plugins for either Audacity or Audacious to turn mono into stereo? I found a way in Audacity to mix mono track to stereo but it's still not the same. Not to mention that these two mono files became 320 MiB each (FLACs), so I'm looking for another/better way to mix tracks to stereo.


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Maybe @JasKinasis will have some advice for you on this. Technology does some remarkable things, but I can't quite grasp turning mono into stereo... not real stereo. Sure, the mono signal can be piped into left and right channels, but that's not the same, and maybe that's why you are disappointed with what you've found so far. Good luck!


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Offhand - I have no idea. I'm a drummer, not a sound engineer.

I don't think you can just take a mono source and make it truly stereo.
The closest thing I can come up with would be to create a new, empty stereo track in something like audacity, then copy the mono track into the left and right channels of the stereo track and perhaps mess with the panning of each channel. That will make it more stereo-like.

If you only have a pre-mixed mono source - you can really only expect to get pseudo stereo out of it. So this is about as good as it's going to get.

Here's a wiki-how I found which describes how to do it with Audacity:

You might be able to fatten up the track by duplicating/doubling up the pseudo-stereo track and offsetting the duplicate by somewhere between 30 to 60 milliseconds. You'd have to experiment with that value. But doubling up tracks with a slight delay/offset is a common trick used to fatten up recordings.

Or perhaps try adding a tiny bit of stereo reverb to it.

But AFAIK - you aren't going to be able to get true stereo sound from a mono recording. Not without a complete digital re-mix and re-master from the ground-up using the masters of the original multi-tracked parts (assuming the recording didn't predate multi-tracking).

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