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MongoDB Installaion - Ubuntu or CentOS?


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Aug 2, 2019
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I Want to Install MongoDB for my new project. I have purchased a cloud VPS with 4 GB RAM from Digital Ocean. Ubuntu and CentOS are the two options i have. I want to know the best one which is perfectly suitable for MongoDB.

Thank You

Performance-wise - It literally doesn't make any difference.

The only real difference between a Debian based system, like Ubuntu - and a Red-hat based system, like CentOS - is the packaging format and the package management tools used to administer them.

If you prefer dealing with Red-hat/RPM based systems - go with CentOS. If you prefer working with Debian/deb based systems - go with Ubuntu (or pure Debian). Other than that - it makes no difference!
I had a project with mongodb and install it in ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04. I think there is no difference between using ubuntu and CentOs in performance. I used Ubuntu and it worked good.
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