Midi drums not playing


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Debian 11 with KDE

I have a MIDI keyboard and MIDI drums hooked up. I have LMMS running with two soundfont players loaded--one for keys, one for drums. I open a terminal and type "aconnect -l" to get the list. I connect the MIDI keyboard to the proper soundfont player and it works. I connect the MIDI drums to the drum soundfont and the drums don't trigger anything. When I boot to Windows I can play them fine in Cakewalk so I don't think it's any setting on the drums.

I've tried to connect the drums both straight from USB to the module and with MIDI cables running from the module to a PreSonus USB interface. Both have the same results.

I can think of nothing else to do.


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Do you have timidity installed?!
That would be the first thing to check!

I thought perhaps you were missing something like timidity, or timidity-daemon which plays MIDI sounds on Linux. But re-reading your post - if the keyboard plays the correct sound-font, but the drum module does not - perhaps it is something else?! Hmmmm, IDK!!
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