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Lubuntu and my Netbook


Joseph Laforme

Hey all,

Just thought I would share my experience.
I have an Aser Aspire One a few years old now. Still running Windoze 98. It has 1 gig RAM and only an 8 gig SSD. There is also a 16 gig SD card ( D: Drive ) witch I use to install most of my software. Right now I only have about 700 megs of available space left ( C: Drive ). So I have been looking for an alternative.

I tried running Puppy ( not sure which one ) but it wouldn't pick up my Wifi.
After reading many posts here I though I would try Lubuntu. It is now running off my 1 gig USB stick and is working great. I had few issues turing on the wifi, but a few google searches got that fixed fairly easily. The only thing this computer is used for is internet access and maybe skype if there is a version available.

So my next step is to trash Windoze completely because I'm pretty sure I couldn't install Lubuntu side by side Windoze. So let's see what happens. Any suggestions or advice always welcome :)

PS Sent from my Lubuntu system ;)

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