lsof name field - what is the parenthesized info?


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I see the following output from an lsof command:

sosdisplo 188554 tellez 6r REG 0,27 9242216 11472604 /projects/namboca/tsmcN40_a0/work/tellez/design_sandbox/sos.log (sjstna09:/vol/SJ51/agua_03143234)

So in the NAME field:
/projects/namboca/tsmcN40_a0/work/tellez/design_sandbox/sos.log (sjstna09:/vol/SJ51/agua_03143234)

I have been unable after fairly extensive searches of forums and man pages to determine what the parenthesized information means (sjstna09:/vol/SJ51/agua_03143234)

When I do the following df command on the file:

[104] sj51lo05 ../namboca > df -h /projects/namboca/tsmcN40_a0/work/tellez/design_sandbox/sos.log
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
sjstna09:/vol/SJ51/namboca_46278609 459G 197G 262G 43% /projects/namboca

The system we are on uses netapps filers - sjstna09:/vol/SJ51 is a volume on one of those filers.


are qtrees on that volume.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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