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David Hanigan

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Dec 31, 2018
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Hi my name is David
Question... I have a Litecoin Core wallet w/ Coins. It's encrypted and I don't remember my passphrase. If I opened a new Litecoin Core wallet, do you think I could transfer the Litecoin from my old wallet (that I've forgotten the passphrase) to my new wallet and bypass the forgotten passphrase? Or would I be importing the same problem to my new wallet. Sorry this is so long winded. dh

G'day David, and Welcome to

The security surrounding this type of thing is usually fairly

Imagine if you forgot your bank password.......there is no way would opening a new account give you the ability to transfer money from the initial account to a new one without knowing BOTH passwords/passphrases etc etc

It would be silly of me to ask if you wrote it down somewhere......or.......was the passphrase something you set up yourself and therefore may be something you associate with every day life....?
Unless you figure out the passphrase those coins are gone. Even Litecoin isn't going to be able to retrieve the coins from your wallet. Since this is all untraceable you cannot even prove you own the coin so even if they had a transaction log they still aren't going to be able to replace them.

My advise to everyone when it comes to strong passwords/phrases is to use a vault to store your passwords/phrases in. Use really long passwords/phrases as long as the program will allow. I try to use passwords that are 20 char long or more.
You will definitely need your backup phrase to recover the coins, or backup wallet file since you're using core. Your wallet has been encrypted so unless you can remember that passphrase those coins are going to be in purgatory forever.

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