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Mar 23, 2024
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Hi, I am a current junior studying Computer Science enrolled in a software engineering class. I have a paper midterm that covers the essentials and concepts in understanding Linux. I am seem to be struggling with understanding the different types of shell commands, package managers, grep, pipes, terminal basics, open source software, and the linux profession institute exam. I have noted I am not quite understanding the different topics that are listed I feel a bit confused on where I should start.

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Here's another, almost 3 hours. I'm sure YouTube has a lot more... search for them. Google will show a lot of written introductions and beginner courses too.

Maybe too advanced, but here's another, close to 7 hours long.

When you are past watching the basics on youtube, ask your favorite LLM for some simple beginner tasks to solve using BASH script. If you have beefy CPU or a GPU you can use this to install a local LLM that will help you with that (saves you the cash for ChatGPT or similar)

curl -fsSL | sh
ollama run dolphin-mixtral

I think this makes it a LOT more easy to learn about new tech and I'm using it as well.

PS: This approach requires about 30 GB of disk space.
covers the essentials and concepts in understanding Linux.
You could also make a note of the link to the 'Command Line' here at

It almost certainly will not have the complexities of the above youtube vids, but it may just 'fill a few holes' in your knowledge base.
Dont be embarrased to ask a few of the people in there, questions about whatever you are unsure of.

There is an amazing mass of talent present here, and the vast majority are more than willing to share their knowledge.
I see which one should I watch first.

You will have to be the decision maker there, I doubt any of us has 16 hours to spare, to say "Watch this one first".


Chris Turner
Hands-on experience is the best tutor.