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I want to have a linux system on my external hdd and work in it on my home machine and school computers.

Firstly I installed xubuntu, it worked on all machines but its installer is quite simple and doesnot provide functions and options I need (installing system on encrypted lvm without non-free sources, etc.). Then, I installed debian and realized that debian and its pseudo-graphical installer is exactly that I wanted. But it has 1-2 problems making it useless in my situation. UEFI of all machines can't find needed .efi file itself, so each time I want to boot the sytem on the machine that has been booted without my hdd before, I need to create new boot option. But the worst thing is that debian simply can't boot on another machine where it hasn't been installed on my external hdd. It shows some errors about reading partition table and after force reboot freezes even before grub menu.

I need a distro that will boot correctly on all machines and has expert installer. Do you have any suggestions? Or maybe I can make debian work on all machines?


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in theory you should be able to edit bootloader so that entries point to correct img partition etc and are labelled. So basically in the past i edited Lilo bootloader to do that .


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I do exactly what you need with my Linux Mint. It's installation have done almost out of the box.
About UEFI there is a minor possibility you will need to deactivate secure boot in your boot menu.

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