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New user. No Computing skills. I found in a thread. This. Receivng Ubuntu updates, whist using Mint. Assumed OK to update. but was the asked for password. The instruction I found was to type in a command, to get rid of said updates and presumably the instruction to receive these updates. So did that. Up came a load of script. I clicked enter. and absoutely nothing happened. The list of updates is growing. I have updated mint once previously. (1 security update) with no issue. I couldnt log into this forum from that PC using the password I just used to get here . On Samsung Tablet. Have just replaced Windows 10 . Initially I installed Ubunto with start up from memory stick. Subsequently decided Mint or Cinnemon would be easiest for me. So downloaded that got rid of of that nasty win10 forever. And yeeha all is good How do . Didnt switch off or Log off fr about a week. Assuming it would just wake up when I rattled the mouse.

It asked for password. What password. Could only reboot by switching it off and back on manually. It booted up ok. I have a HP Pavillion dm1. Any clues please. Is there a bit of Ubunto from my temporary install left over.

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