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For Christmas, I got a 16 gb flash drive to experiment with a few Linux systems. I tried Ubuntu, Puppy Linux, Slacko Pup, and Linux Mint 14. Also a little bit of openSuse, but not a lot.

My questions is I have a 160 gb hard drive, only 134 not taken up by Widnows. I, from the list above, decided I loved Linux Mint. I want to create a partition, small enough to fit Linux Mint on it, but not to take up too much space. I would just use my main partition for files and programs. So, how large must this partition be? Also, what default programs can I delete to save even more space?

And, also if it's not too much trouble, how would I create this partition on the Linux Mint and do the installation process, or would I have to switch to my Widnows to do this, since I mainly run off the USB?

Thank you so much, if there is any other distro you think I should try, I will gladly experiment!



might not be right for you, but this is what i'd do
run windows and defrag everything
if you have partition magic, acronis disk director, or similar, (if not, you can find some open source editors here
(copy, paste and edit url!) fire it up and:
resize the C drive to 80 gB
create a new 5 gB* partition right after the C drive for linux swap
*make the swap partition about 1.5 times the amount of RAM you have installed
create a new 15 gB partition for linuxmint root (/)-->this could be as small as 8 gB, but i would not go smaller than 10 gB to avoid excessive fragmentation
create a new ~55 gB partition for linuxmint home (/home) -->alternatively the /home partition could be as small as maybe ~7gB, but that won't leave you much wiggle room! plus even linux filesystems become (sometimes vseverely) fragmented when they are close to being full
boot from the LM14 DVD
run the installer, and specify manual installation
when you get to partitioning, you'll need to point the installer to these locations
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