Linux for home file and print server


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I want to achieve best performance on my old netbook, I have:
  • Intel Atom N450 1,66 GHz;
  • 2 GB RAM;
  • 100 Mbit Ethernet (might be a drawback, I know :();
  • MiniPCIe slot;
  • SD/MMC card reader.
what I want to get:
  • booting only from USB or SD/MMC card, no unecessary read/write operations on internal/external hard drives (wanna use them for network drives);
  • running with no GUI at all, only command-line to save valuable processor ticks;
  • sharing USB printer for every wi-fi device connected to my network;
  • configuring, fixing and adding features via Windows/Android devices;
  • having everything stable'n'secure.
Looking for bunch of tutorials which make it possible to work.
Will Debian 10.2 be the best choice?


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Just about any Linux will do this. The thing that will matter more than the Linux version is...
what kind of printer?

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