Linux Flossing - Purging Remnants of (imperfectly) Uninstalled Programs


Hello Experienced Linux Users,

Fairly new to Linux and I am learning the CLI, Synaptic and so forth. Currently running Q4OS under its XPQ4 / 32 bit version.

Debian-based, German-coded, Q4OS is wonderfully light and easy to install. The baked-in image viewers (Krita and Okular), however, are klunky and not terribly useful. I have been spoiled by the Windows-based IrfanView when running Windows. I tried installing IrfanView / WINE, using these instructions:

How to install IrfanView (WINE) on Debian

Q4OS has a initial menu, which can be dismissed, listing a series of applications which can be added to the initial install, or, if it's already installed, de-installed. My point is, I've also been using this utility to install/ de-install apps.

I had tried loading WINE, and then uninstalling WINE, since the IrfanView package came with WINE (again). [Do you see a hairball forming already?]

Following these instructions I tried using the following Terminal commands.

How to completely remove any program and its installation files?

sudo apt-get purge [package]
sudo apt-get autoclean
sudo apt-get autoremove

But Terminal cannot find the IrfanView which I tried to uninstall.

Nonetheless, I have been experimenting with the command PRNT SC to make a screen capture. Based on input from an experienced Linux user on a help forum, you could hit PRNT SC and then Right-click and drill down to Paste Clipboard Contents.

On the desktop, you would find your screen capture file. Right-clicking on this, you get the menu "Open with: " with a listing of Image Management programs (Krita and Okular, and now the supposedly de-installed IrfanView).


What Terminal Commands should I used to seek out and uninstall all remnants of IrfanView (or for that matter, any imperfectly uninstalled program)?


I would like to uninstall Krita and Okular and replace them with a lightweight and easy to use Image Management app. I'm looking at this link.

13 Nifty Free Image Viewers

Any recommendations for or against any of those image viewers, or even any some not mentioned?

My thanks in advance.


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If you installed Irfanview via the Snap store, you won't be able to remove it with apt. You'll need to use the "snap" program.


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Q#2 -- I've always preferred Viewnior to feh, but feh is good, too. Geeqie uses a lot of resources and is much heavier, with a lot more dependencies, than either.

I learned GIMP a long time ago and stick with it. It's not that hard, especially compared to Photoshop. Am surprised, however, you did not like Krita. Many tell me they prefer it to GIMP.

I think most anyone would like Shutter for screenshots.

I processed satellite images for a living once, and GIMP is stll the best for me, allowing histogram manipulation like it does. It is much more than a screen capture program.

I suppose it ultimately depends on what kind of processing of photos and images you intend to do.
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If you installed Irfanview via the Snap store, you won't be able to remove it with apt. You'll need to use the "snap" program.
Just to clarify that for HAL (because choices might be uninstall or purge or remove) -

If the program was installed using

sudo snap install irfanview

sudo snap remove irfanview

snap list
will give you the correct name of the snap to remove, in case it varies from just irfanview.


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