Linux command to get mDNS Service discovery and to get its IP Address

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Dear all,
I am broadcasting mDNS service from my WiFi module. I need to discover that in my Linux PC and get its IP address.
1. I used mdns-scan command and I am getting the Service name listed.
2. I used avahi-browse --all and I am getting my service name listed.
3. But How do I get the IP address of that service? That is my requirement.
4. In Android applications I am able to get full details of the services. How do I get it in linux?

Thank You
Naveen G S


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The IP address of the service is obtained in the terminal "ifconfig -a" (without quotes). Then you will get some results, because in the eighth or sixteenth line, just after the word netmask, you will have the IP you want.
If it doesn't work for you, use the command "sudo apt install nmap" (without quotes).
I hope I helped you.
! Have a nice day! :D
(La dirección IP del servicio se obtiene en el terminal "ifconfig -a" (sin las comillas). Luego te darás unos resultados, pues en la octava o dieciséisisava línea, justo después de la palabra netmask, tendrás la IP que quieres.
Si no te funciona usa antes el comando "sudo apt install nmap" (sin las comillas).
Espero haberte ayudado
! Que tengas un buen día¡ :D )
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Hi Daniel,
1. here is the output of the above commands

But the IP address acquired on my device side is Where is that details?
2. nmap already installed but I didn't the IP of the service I am broadcasting.

3. Here I have attached my service details with "avahi-browse --all" and "mdns-scan" commands.

Thank You
Naveen G S

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