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hello all,

im familiar with linux but never had it on my own computer. i recently ditched my busted old macbook for the y410p, my first instinct was to ditch win8 completely but i have but i have a 1T hd so now id prefer to partition it so as to run win 8 on 200gb, win 7 on 200gb and a linux build, maybe mint on another 200.

lenovo has a bunch of strange stock partitions that i will keep, my main question is how do i go about installing linux on a new laptop that came preloaded with win 8? i dont even know how to get into bios on this laptop but from what i think i know, i have to disable secure boot but this varies on every system right?

anyone dual boot linux on a partition of a new y410p yet?

So, HDDs cannot have more than 4 partitions. Win 8, Win 7, Lenovo recovery partition, and the UEFI partition. You are at your limit. Will have to remove one of those to put Linux on there. (but NOT the UEFI boot partition) Second, if your laptop has secure boot (most win 8 laptops do) again you are more than likely stuck if you cannot disable it (which is SUPPOSED to be somewhere in Win 8 settings). Win 7 might not even work. Unless you disable secure boot. To read a possible fix (but not guaranteed, only if secure boot is disabled but the UEFI requires a signed kernel):
For more about UEFI and Secure boot with Linux:

Your main issue is the number of partitions. Why not just try running Linux in a VM until you figure this out more?

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