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I've actually been using Linux for about 16 years now, and finally came across this site. Started with Linux about 2001 - checked out a copy of the Linux Bible from the local library and installed Red Hat from the included CDs. Managed to accidentally wipe Windows more than once in those early years while trying to figure out dual-booting. Joined a local LUG, which really accelerated the learning process; left after we moved. After much distro hopping, I seem to have currently settled on primarily on Fedora although my Dell Mini 10V and HP Stream 11 both run Ubuntu. For some reason I've never liked KDE; the journey has been been Gnome1 to Gnome2 to Xfce to LXDE to Mate.


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G'day RockDoctor, and Welcome to

Late to the party ???? have already HAD the party !!!!

You probably have more than a few interesting insights into Linux and its travels over the past 16 odd years.

Hang around a while and share !



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Hello @RockDoctor, and welcome! It's always more fun to wipe out Windows on purpose rather than accidentally.... but we'll settle for anything around here. :eek::D Come on in and take your shoes off... I'm sure you'll have a good time. :D



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Only 16 years? (kidding) ... boy are we gonna pick your brains :Do_O:rolleyes:

(Wizard appears in a puff of smoke, can't see and trips because he has lent Brian his new pair of glasses)

G'day @RockDoctor and likewise on the welcomes.

I'm hoping you will find that we have a pretty relaxed style around here, it's all about giving, sharing, learning, and not losing sight of having a good time, such as Linux provides best, IMO :)

We'll look forward to your contributions, and we'll "see you around the traps", as we say.



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