kubuntu 22.04 dual boot windows 11 issue


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Jul 31, 2021
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I decided to dual boot a windows PC with Kubuntu 22.04. Everything works with one annoying issue. I use Bitlocker on the windows partition. I encrypt /home on Kubuntu with Fscrypt . ( I know Fscrypt has issues but it is good enough to protect against the meth addict who smashes my car window or burglarizes my house stealing my laptop to pawn for drugs.) Both Windows and Ubuntu would like to do full disk encryption but that's not an option on a dual boot. Anyway the problem I am having is when I login to Kubuntu I get prompted for a password for my windows partition. I can unlock it by pasting in my recovery key but would like to avoid that. After going a few rounds even asking the Tuxbot I decided I would like Kubuntu to ignore the windows partition unless I want to access it. The question is how do I prevent Kubuntu from trying to load this unmounted partition resulting in the password challenge
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The saga continues. I set up my fstab to open the bitlocker encrypted volume with dislocker. It works but you can fish my recovery key out of it and have full access to my windows partition. This does nothing about the password login prompt for my ssd. My preference would be to not be challenged with this. Take the information out of fstab and just run a script that is protected by my encrypted home directory if I ever want access to it. I am still baffled on how to prevent this prompt
Ok at this point I'm talking to myself. Figured it out. My bitlocker partition shows up as a removable device. Not my definition of one but here we are. Notice in the attached picture the basic partition checked Removing the check marks removea the password challenge. Since I am using dislocker neither checkmark is necessary. Amazing how stupid simple the answer was.


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