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Hello @Patrick493,
Welcome to the Linux.org forum, Sorry can't really help with your firewall problem. But sure someone will direct you eventually.
Enjoy the journey!
I know this question is about the GUI. But have tried doing whatever you want to do from the command console?

All the GUI really does, is run the command line stuff in the background. So it may not be what you want, but
at least you'll know if the problem is with the GUI, or with the firewall.
@Patrick493 welcome to linux.org :)

Just a heads up that Member Introductions is for just that, to tell us a bit about yourself and to meet a few of our people.

For our Members - the OP's support thread is here - https://www.linux.org/threads/kodachi-linux.47471/ and any assistance on his firewall issues should be directed there, not here.

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