Kali not recognising raid drive in dual boot linux system


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Oct 25, 2021
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I have Ubuntu, Ubuntu Games & Kali installed on 3 partitions on PCIe drive in M2M slot. All 3 systems boot fine. I have added 2 identical HDD and configured them as raid 1 with 3 partitions. The raid is a software Raid which I setup in Ubuntu. I created the partitions in Ubuntu as well. I want to move the /home of each install to 1 of the 3 partitions. Ubuntu & Ubuntu Games recognise the partitions and I have successfully moved their /home drives. The issue is the Kali-Linux install can see the 2 HDD but not the Raid so I am unable to move the home drive for this system. I don't know where the partition info is stored and why 2 systems can use the Raid HDD's but the 3rd can not. This is what the Kali system sees. visible partitions from Kali [note sdc is a USB drive]
This 2nd screen shot is from Ubuntu which shows the md0 raid and the 3 partitions, md0p1, md0p2 & md0p3. md0p1 is the /home drive when logging in to Ubuntu. visible partitions from Ubuntu

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