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yesterday I was trying to download and install Kali Linux ,although I only knew that you can practice hacking on it. I have downloaded it using a yt video and the video told me to download Universal USB installer, in that app they told me to locate the kali linux app which is approximately 2gb and below that they asked me which drive I want to install kali linux in so I chose D: "I should've had a usb for kali and that what I didnt know and D is one of my main drivers" and when it finished it asked me to reboot my pc and when I've done so a screen pops up when I started my pc says:"no default or ui configuration directive found". If you know how to fix it or how to abort kali and go back to windows 8.1 that would be appreciated.
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When you boot your computer, there is probably a key you can hit for "Boot Menu". Have you tried that? You may see an entry for Windows that will let you back into it.

Windows would have been installed on your C: drive, so you will probably be able to get back to it. You may have deleted your Recovery partition though. Did you make Recovery DVD's (or USB) before this problem happened?
I didn't do anything before downloading it, I thought you just need to download and install kali like any other app
Im not an experienced person tbh so its hard for me to fix this.
Ive tried to access the windows settings but couldnt find the way to fix it.
Kali (and all Linux) is an operating system, not an app. It will replace Windows, or it can be set to run side-by-side with Windows and you choose which one when you boot. Since you are so inexperienced, I don't want to give you too much instruction because you may make the problem worse. Right now, I think you can get Windows back if you are careful. Do you have some computer-smart friends near you that can help you out?
I will send my pc to a computers fixer.
BTW I know that you can use a usb to install linux in it but I installed it on D which is a basic driver in my pc and the problem is there. Anyways thank you for your support I appreciate it.!
Yes, you can install Linux on a USB, and that's a great way to learn the basics of it without making changes to your Windows setup. But choosing the wrong drive (hard drive D: instead of USB) has confused the "bootloader."

If you have the Windows 8.1 installation DVD, you can probably fix this easily. But most people don't have the DVD and Windows comes already installed when they buy it. That's why you need to make a "Recovery" set of DVD's (or USB) when Windows is still working... so you can re-install it if necessary.

I hope you might have a friend near you that can help instead of paying for support. But a repair shop should make everything okay.

Linux is a very nice system, but Kali is not very good for a new person. Maybe you will try some other Linux distributions and have better luck in the future. Cheers!
Well thank you so much for your time appreciate your help!

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