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jamVM to MINIX

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by John112, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. John112

    John112 Guest

    Hi all,

    Yes i know MINIX is not Linux, but they do share a common predecessor, so I think someone here can help me.

    As you see from the title I need to port jamVM to MINIX so it could execute .class files. Does anyone have some advice how to do it, or just better idea of porting java to minix?


  2. John112

    John112 Guest

    ok to rephrase my question, does anyone know where I can find some kind of jamVM documentation?
  3. netwar

    netwar Guest

    I'm no specialist on Minix but if they dont have a forum you can ask on try over at the FreeBSD forums since MINIX is UNIX-like and not Linux-like.Early versions of GNU/Linux distros were semi-compatabile with MINIX but nowadays its like comparing choclate pudding and chinese food

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