Is it possible to force Linux to work with computer motherboard and GPU display output?


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Apr 1, 2021
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Regarding: Parrot OS Home KDE

I have several monitors that are in use by different devices, so Parrot OS Home main display is connected to one monitor using VGA from my desktop computer motherboard.

I want to connect it to one of my other monitors for dual screen using my NVIDIA GPU DVI output but it doesn't work. One time I was able to get both to show the boot splash screen for a split second but it went back to my main display. I installed NVIDIA drivers, but when I reboot the bios gives an error message about the display configuration basically telling me it can't use the motherboard and GPU at the same time for the displays. So is there a way I can force it to work?

Alternatively I think I may have to buy a splitter or a a M/F VGA cable. My GPU only supports DVI and HDMI but my other monitors HDMI ports are in use by devices that don't use VGA so I can't exchange them.