Installing Element Desktop on Parabola GNU/Linux


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Oct 3, 2022
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I migrated from Arch to Parabola and everything works fine except the process removed everything that use Electron by "your-freedom" package.

The reason I want to install Electron again is Element-Desktop package depends on it and the flatpak version does not work for me.

I tried to install electron again from AUR ( since your-freedom package does not conflict with any third party repos but it shows this warning.

-> Installing electron20-bin will remove: your-freedom (electron)

Is there any way to install Element-desktop package without removing your-freedom package?
Thanks in advance folks

G'day @Stellaris :)

I am not familiar with Parabola although I have read of it.

I don't like your chances.

I was going to suggest that you contacted Parabola direct, but then I read this from 3 years ago

which says in part

The Parabola social contract prevents us from explaining this in detail.
Electron is not in the repo for good reasons.

The best option would be for you to patch/re-write code so it does not require electron.
Tho it is possible to install electron. You'd have to uninstall your-freedom to do so, something that I would hope as a Parabola user you'd find an unacceptable option.

I also read this but it is 7 years old tutorial

You could get in touch with Parabola and see if there is anything new in that regard. Other than that I am out of ideas.

Good luck and let us know if you succeed.

Thanks wiz, I guess I will just use Element on my web browser for now.
I made up my mind. :)Have to respect Parabola Devs' efforts.
The github link you posted looks promising since it directly edit the source code. But as mentioned, I will just use Element as a webapp for now.

PS: can't believe I installed flatpak (bloat) in my system:D
can't believe I installed flatpak (bloat) in my system:D

Flatpaks, snaps, appimages - they seem to be the way of the future, although I do not like the bloat either.

Actually, when you get a chance, you could do me a favour (this is if Parabola is on EXT4 and not BTRFS) and give me the output for

pacman -Qi timeshift glib2


pacman -Si timeshift glib2

I'm off topic so you can always PM me.



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