Installing and Configuring Windows Emulator (WINE)

Is WINE an excellent Windows compatibility layer?

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I have an older AMD processor computer with windows XP and I wish to migrate to linux. Currently it is used mainly for internet surfing and playing wizard 101 by my son. Which linux system would you recommend to use with WINE for the best results to run as close to XP as possible (my husband suffers from issues figuring out changes with regard to computers)
Many new Linux users like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or Fedora. Wine works well on most or all distros.


Tom Z

USB-GPS-stick+Windows programs don't see each other through wine. The only reason I steal have Windows on my HDD. I can give two more cases where an USB device doesn't work with a program through wine
DAMN, this was one of the things I actually needed as part of my indoor cycling training. So there is no workaround to get the ANT stick to work?

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