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Hi all.
I'm a new member and i have a question:
I have a Thinkpad T420; 2.2 GHz core i5 with 4 GB of memory and a 500 GB, 5400 RMP disk. Which version of Ubuntu is the best with mine?? And how to install it? By a DVD or another way?


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it is an I5 with 4gb of ram, any version of Ubuntu will run on that laptop. or Mint for that reason
it all comes down to the desktop environment you will want to have


So, even though @DanK actually got a response from a 6-month old post in another thread, I gotta tell you guys that this is unusual.

This thread last heard from the OP about 14 months ago, and he/she has only posted 4 messages to the forum. They aren't likely to be back to respond again. But hey, I hope I'm wrong! (And I frequently am!) You still might want to check the dates that are posted with every comment to concentrate on more recent activity. :)



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this post is really good which is described in above but I also want to install Ubuntu on my laptop but during intsalltion, it shows an error iTunes sync error 54, my system did not support this software so if you have any idea how to remove this error then please share with me.


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