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Jan 10, 2024
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Hi everyone. I am a new user to Linux but have okay experience with computers and networking basics and such. I am currently trying to install linux on my lenovo thinkpad t480. Ill give a quick breakdown of how my issue has surfaced. I first bought a USB live boot with install and live boot kali Linux, Black Arch, Caine etc.... After learning from the kali linux live boot, buying books etc I decided I wanted to install kali Linux (Debian) on my MacBook pro as a dual boot. But I ran into input/output errors and to break it down wasnt working. after reading about macbooks havinfg issues. I decided to buy a refurbished Lenovo and turn it into my pen testing laptop for studying and learning in order to gain my certs. Running live boot off the USB seemed to work great. But when I wanted to dive into some more advanced commands or start using some tools and needing to download pkgs and upgrades it would come back as unable to download, command not found etc... So I figured ' crappy USB? ' ' not enough space? ' so, I said again let's go about installing the kali Linux... again input/output errors when trying to install saying that hd0 was unable to be found. So I ordered a new USB trying Predator ubuntu Linux system and tried installing that on Lenovo ThinkPad and that too is now running errors.

So, I am struggling on what is holding me back from getting these installed. I am trying to install the Linux system as a single boot, only OS on the ThinkPad. I will attach some photos of the errors I keep getting. If anyone can help me on what to do, i'd greatly appreciate it. I have read up and found some "fixes" I could try but need to get into a shell/terminal to do so. But now that I currently dont have windows on the thinkpad anymore I cant get into a terminal unless I live boot (which only saves to USB?) from what Ive learned.

Anyhelp, would be great! if you need any more info, I will try and supply that info, just ask.


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Hello @AlphaAlien,
Welcome to the forum.

First I'll say Kali is most likely not the right choice to for someone just starting with linux
Kali's own statement:

"Is Kali Linux Right For You?

As the distribution’s developers, you might expect us to recommend that everyone should be using Kali Linux. The fact of the matter is, however, that Kali is a Linux distribution specifically geared towards professional penetration testers and security specialists, and given its unique nature, it is NOT a recommended distribution if you’re unfamiliar with Linux or are looking for a general-purpose Linux desktop distribution for development, web design, gaming, etc."

Second Lenovos especially thinkpad work very well with linux- I'm using a T-450 to type this.

You need to make sure the following is done firsts though,
if secure boot is turned on , turn it off
Make sure your machine is set to boot from usb not hdd usb drive should be labeled something like sda1 not hda. Linux uses different naming format than windows.

You may want to take a look at this page also it will give you some basics to help you learn linux

There are other here more experienced with Kali that may comment. But remember this is a volunteer forum and people are from all time zones around the world so it may take a bit. Mostly enjoy the journey!
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I agree that Kali is not the right choice for you it was just the 1st one you encountered and you were impressed. The others will equally impress you. I would suggest, Fedora, ubuntu, or debian because I work with those often and they are good for beginner thru expert.
As for the drive I get the idea you may have a bad hard drive. I would suggest running one of your live usb and then go into your disk utilities (varies where it is and what it is called) and check the S.M.A.R.T. status of the hard drive. then run an extended test using S.M.A.R.T. The test is non destructive and can take time to come back. You want to note the errors of any kind. They should all be zero if not then replace the hard drive.
G'day AlphaAlien, Welcome to

Advice?....keep it simple.

What does simple mean?....the advice given by APTI above is simple, and therefore good.

my opinion?...Linux Mint 21.2 is a brilliant place to start.

Kali?....forget it.

Trivia?....all the tools which kali promotes/uses are available on Linux Mint and many, many other distros. Kali has achieved a 'cult' status. aside from that it is just difficult to install. Who needs that when they are 'learning'

Follow @APTI's advice....check the hard drive.

If, by any chance , it fails....consider putting an SSD in its place.

It would be helpful here, if you stated simply: the make and model of the laptop: its specs....ram, hard drive, cpu etc etc
I decided I wanted to install kali Linux
@AlphaAlien, I note that you have not reappeared since making this post, on 11th January 2024

Does that mean you have lost interest ?

Please advise.

members, it would save you some typing, perhaps, if you refrained from posting more help here.

I would not be certain that your help is appreciated
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Hi guys I ended up actually figuring this out! I ended flashing my own USB and it worked to install... The laptop I'm using is my quote hack box which I heard from someone if you want to learn Linux... Delete windows install Linux and just don't go back. So that's what I did. I have a MacBook I use for my more daily tasks and personal use...

But I feel like the flash drives you buy off eBay are crap. I just wanted to try it cuz it had a beginners mode on it where it had a bunch of help documentation for learning.

But all is good thank you for your feed back.

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