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Important Things To Know When Creating An Image Of Your System.

Found fast that important infos about Foxclone, What is it ? http://www.foxclone.org/downloads/foxcloneV51.pdf#[{"num":36,"gen":0},{"name":"XYZ"},167,774,0]

Question: "The limitation to 64 Bit systems only" I do not understand.
Because of this tool - as CD or stick - has its complete environment in itself to run, it does not run within an OS, Windows, Linux ...
So this only can be meant for the CPU, that it is required a 64 Bit CPU.
Is this correct, please ?
Thanks in advance.

Foxclone is 64 bit only because 32 bit is obsolete and has been for a long time...my 11 year old Laptop is 64 bit...Linux Mint is 64 bit only too.

Foxclone doesn't install and run on your system...it's a live session...just like a Linux Distro...you burn it to a single Flash Drive or on Ventoy. The central processing unit (CPU) has nothing to do with Foxclone but if you have a fast CPU your image or Clone will be done faster and Foxclone works with Legacy or UEFI too...hope this helps.

I have now found this can't be done as the image can only be put back on the computer's SSD/HDD that it came from...so what is the answer ?

Please read post 10...it can be done but you have to use the Clone feature as it says in the instructions I posted and welcome to the Forum.
it's a live session
This is what I mean, when I try to say in other words: it is/has its own - only necessary - OS-environment, a better word I just now do not have for to note to this point.

I try to understand, what this statement is saying "Question: "The limitation to 64 Bit systems only" I do not understand":
because of the character of this is/has its own OS, no 64 Bit system is required as OS. Unless - except of - only from 64 Bit OS it is required to burn to CD or install - ´cppy´ the CD-version - to a stick.
But to run at all a 64 Bit CPU is needed.
I am not sure, whether this can represent my confusion. Thanks.
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64 bit means...the CPU can process 64 bits of information at a time...unlike the old 32 bit.

So 64 bit is twice as fast and can handle much more Ram too. You don't have to worry about it as all modern Computers are 64 bit and have been for a long time.

Foxclone is saying...you can't use it on a 32 bit system...some people still have old 32 bit systems.
You don't have to worry
It is not, that I worry.
all modern Computers are 64 bit
I know. I have the 64 bit CPU.

Foxclone is saying...you can't use it on a 32 bit system...some people still have old 32 bit systems.
Foxclone does not expressivly say CPU, and but calls it 32 bit system. (Despite Foxclone runs alone its software from the stick (or CD). Not within an OS. It is/has an own OS, so to say. Sadnessly so also not exact worded, named.)
This is just only confusing, when one knows, how important an exact wording is, for to may know exact, what is spoken about really.
Meaning just the CPU, but talking about system, to me is so far uncorrect, that this only confuses me. And others as ´well´ also.
To be left confused is just very unsatisfying and disturbing.
So, I just ask for confirmation, to may be clear in mind this point. Is this OK ?
Thank You very much.
At this point I really don't know what to tell you...maybe try something else...good luck.
I went back to post 1.

Realizing now - please confirm whether correct -, You did want to run an image from the hardware, where the OS was installed to, to a quite other hardware, speak: comparable to taking the drive from one pc to an other ?
As with a live-CD/DVD ?
(Win 10 a friend with prof´s knowledge told me is able to work this way. Just some driver´s installation are done after or during the first boot.
But even with XP - my experience - this is possible, when You do the required BIOS setting. If from interesst, "Move Windows XP Hard Drive or Change Motherboard Without Getting a Blue Screen STOP 7B Error" https://whatsoftware.com/move-windo...erboard-without-getting-blue-screen-of-death/)
But perhaps I just do misunderstand. Than, please, sorry.

Being confused this saying the 64 Bit CPU for running Foxclone, I am confused with the real question, from a 32 Bit system is is not possible to install to a stick ?
Means: from XP 32 Bit - sadnessly from not understood 32 Bit programs also run on 64 Bit system - I cannot install Foxclone to stick ?
(Sorry, in addition I currently have to many topics in head at the same time.)
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