I'm new, and I need some help!



Hi, I'm Sam.
Recently I purchaced an HP Proliant ML150 G6 Server for my home
I am hoping to make a server for the game: Garry's Mod.
I wish to run Linux on this server, for I have heard that it is a very powerful and stable operating system. Before I purchaced the server, I ran a program called SRCDS, which is essentially a program for running a Garry's Mod server on a computer. It is a fairly basic configuration, and I ran it with little to no lag. I have had as many as 15 players on at a time and I am ready to upsize my capacity, so I purchaced my server. Now, I have a few questions. To begin, if I wish to install Unbuntu Linux Server Version, how would I install that on my server? I have an 'Easy setup' CD with me, But I fear that it is an OS in itself. I tried running it after it was searching for a CD, and it works, but I didnt click "install" or choose any of the pre-setup OS's like windows server. After I have linux installed on my server box, how do I install SRCDS things on to it as well? There is a Linux version on the SRCDS site, but what do I do from there?

I appriciate ANY help and comments, and I hope everyone can find it in them to help me.
My E-Mail is Samg381 at yahoo.com, please use this if you need to talk to me in private.

BTW: I have a good computer in which I can gather and burn files to a CD, no problems.

You machine's specs show Optional SUSE support. Since offered, take advantage of it, is my advice.
It will save frustration, is what I sense. (Especially if new to Linux).

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