I want to secure my devices


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Nov 16, 2019
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I have had issues with all of my devices becoming repetitively compromised and I think that it is coming from malware on my living room router. I have an Ethernet cable running from there to a router in my room. I am pretty sure that the malware is on the living room router. I figured out how to block devices from my router, but if I do that, I risk messing up my own internet, or the internet of a cool room mate. Also I don't want to make it known that I am trying this, in case it is one of the bad ones. So basically I would just like to find a way to secure all of my devices. I have an android phone, an android tv box, a surface pro 6, and an msi stealth.

I have messed around with a few things and last night I was able to set up a fake connection and view the network traffic of my surface pro as a test. I truly do not want to do anything with Kali other than protect my privacy and devices. This whole thing has caused me a lot of stress and is making it really difficuly to study or focus on anything. Thanks for everyone's help so far, and I look forward to hearing what you all have to say.

Thank you in advance.

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