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I can't find my groups...

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by lanlanlangzi, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. lanlanlangzi

    lanlanlangzi Guest

    I use my MSN in fedora,but I can't find my groups.It is no problem in windows but in fedora, why? :confused:

  2. WeAreGeek

    WeAreGeek Guest

    MSN Groups has been discontinued as from 2009. It was a website to begin with, so it has little to do with your operating environment.

    Or do you mean something else by any chance?
  3. dale

    dale Guest

    Which client do you use?
  4. WeAreGeek

    WeAreGeek Guest

    There has been a bug in Empathy in which MSN contacts appeared, but weren't part of any contact group. This should have been resolved in Empathy (/w telepathy-butterfly).

    But, yeah, if that is the problem, it would help if you can tell which client/version you are using.
  5. lanlanlangzi

    lanlanlangzi Guest

    WeAreGeek,thanks very much.I am using Pidgin in fedora,and the groups which are windows live groups have been created in the windows and they can be also created in the website(www.live.com).Now, I can't see the groups if I have signed in Pidgin using MSN protocols.
  6. WeAreGeek

    WeAreGeek Guest

    Strange... I've been trying to figure out what causes this. I do not have this problem. I have my MSN contacts in groups in Pidgin, and they sync with other clients like Empathy and aMSN, so obviously they also sync with the MS Live environment. I haven't been using the official Messenger client for 10 years though, and I'm also using Ubuntu instead of Fedora, so there are some differences.

    Which version of Pidgin are you using?
    Have you updated Pidgin or have you been using the same Pidgin configuration between multiple installations?
    You might wanna try backing up and deleting the .purple directory in your home directory to start with a fresh configuration.
  7. lanlanlangzi

    lanlanlangzi Guest

    Where have the groups (which you have said ) been created?You can creat them in the web of www.live.com,and try again.

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