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i am not able to verify my linux mint download

@Sarthak Patial I'm glad it worked, but it's true that you need to make the effort on learning to fish instead of just asking for fish. There will be a huge amount of questions that will arise as soon as you begin to use Linux, so the sooner you get the learning attitude, the better your experience will be.

In addition to @f33dm3bits say, and as a bit of a shameless plug (as it was written by me), there's also a thread in this very forum that explains what are you doing behind those operations. Things like this are why there's always the recommendation (a rule in many forums, as a matter of fact) of using the search box before asking -- because probably it was already asked, or existing.

Once you'd understand what you are doing and why, what is left is just to use your search engine to find equivalent commands for Windows, Mac, BSD or whatever you'd be using in the future.
Ok , i try to not to be lazy and search it on Google instead

It can't be easier because it's the same as what @Lord Boltar wrote out and the same as @gvisoc wrote out, except for the latter one used powershell. If you are going to want to learn how something works you are going to have to learn how to read and how to use Google. Not everyone is going rewrite what has already been explained many times elsewhere on the web. You don't learn anything by someone rewriting it out for you, learning is searching for something whether a howto, tutorial or documentation, then trying to figure out what they mean and then trying to apply or use it. Then whether you succeed, halfway-succeed or fail to apply it you lean from the experience and then continue from there again and repeat. If you have tried to apply something and can't get any further, then you can post on a forum and share what you have tried so far and what problems you ran into. Learning is not being lazy.
I had runned powers hell before so i did that , the sha was not there firstly so i tried another one , I also got your point ,that if i have to learn i have to search for my self but sir on net sometimes I get solution but they to hard to under stand , so why i ask here because you people make it easy , can you see this thread , i have to work on my pc but no one online i think https://www.linux.org/threads/pc-becoming-hot-as-a-toaster-pls-help-me-before-it-melts.41119/unread

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