How to write a custom bootloader?


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New and want to write a bootloader. Nasm and tasm are hard enough to comprehend. Resources are tedious and code is very hard to understand.


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G'day Darknez, and Welcome to

omg, you really do like to start out at the pointy end , eh ?!!

I have been using and abusing Linux for the past 5 years or so, and I would have no idea where to start....mainly because I have no need to !! All the necessary work has been done for me at a prior time by someone far more experienced/smarter, than me.

May I ask why you wish to do that....when as you say you are new (do you mean new to to linux or maybe both ??)


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Well, good luck with that....I hope you have the necessary talent and determination.

It is not an easy thing to do....especially writing a distro.......there are already thousands of them available.

Good Luck

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