How to Use Modules in a Linux kernel


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Sep 25, 2023
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I found a Linux Kernel repository with CANXL implementation which I cloned and compiled successfully on my existing Ubuntu 22.04 LTS virtual machine.
I want to use the code files to send the CANXL frames but I do not know how.
The repo link :
What is the process to use the resources available in this repo? How can send a CANXL frame after compiling this repo?

With compiled kernel modules, if they have been installed on the system, (usually with a command like: make install, after the compilation) they can usually be loaded into the running system with the modprobe command, or insmod command. Then the functionality of the module becomes usable by the kernel and the user.

The repo in the link in post #1 refers the reader to the kernel docs, which are rather large. The github site is Linus Torvald's source tree, basically the place where the latest developments, patches etc for the linux kernel are recorded, managed and overseen by Linus.

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