How to switch from internal to external webcam?


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Aug 29, 2018
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System: Ubuntu 18.04

I just went out and bought a new external Logitech webcam, and I am trying to make it the default webcam instead of my labtops intigrated webcam whenever it is present. For instance, if the cam is plugged in then it should be the default but if it's not plugged in then the integrated cam should be the default. Is this possible, and how can I do it. As of right now I can't even get the external webcam to work.

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I have few clues where Ubuntu is concerned....I use Linux Mint only

However. there is a program called 'Cheese' which may help you. You will have to install it and do some sniffing around to find out just what it is capable of.
The program/app has existed for quite a long time and appears to be well regarded.


You may even find the app in the Software Manager

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