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How to salvage Win10 with linux?

Linux and Lucy

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My windows 10 pc is bricked and I want to switch to linux, but how can I recover my old files using linux beforehand? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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ditto the above...good advice.


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Linux can see files that are on Windows, and work with them, Windows cannot do vice-versa (their prob, not ours, but I am not being facetious. :rolleyes:

Obviously there is an onus on you, to have a recollection of where you stored files when you were using Windows.

Obvious options include Videos, Pictures, Documents and the like. These can all be accessed by Linux, likely even on a bricked system, and transferred to safety. Fave custom wallpapers ... wherever you stored them. And on and on.

If you have the facility, on another computer, to download a LInux .iso and burn it to a stick, the stick is then bootable (have to go through your Setup utility first to put the stick ahead of the hard drive).

Boot the stick, access the Distros File Manager, and take a wander through your bricked Windows.

Get an idea of how much is involved and come back to us.


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