How to know which tool is managing your config


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ive been using Linux for sometime now, mainly Debian and Arch.

One thing that troubles me still is config files always vary where they’re setup at and I’m never sure which network tool is managing the interfaces on different systems and versions.(network-manager, iproute2, \etc\network\interfaces)

Is there is way to easily find out where the config files are for the program you just install or which tool is actually managing things like your NICs?


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I know what you mean and there for sure also others feeling similar. In such moments I remember always a post where one guy was so desperate that he's dns server always randomly changed that hes solution was to umask the resolvconf. And it's certainly not the most logic system invented by human mankind but more a mix of different philosophies trying to promote their solution. On one side the classic Unix spirit to do just one thing in a matter comprehensive matter and there's systemd. They see it somewhat different in a way that there has to be an authoritive interface which takes care about everything like NetworkManager. Many people like it for some reason but its the complete opposite of simplicity and transparency. If it thinks something is wrong it invokes dnsmasq, wpsupplicant etc.. often there are not even some conf files and everything goes through dbus oer another interface.

I work since some time with dhcpcd and dnsmasq There I understand now pretty well how they work.

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