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How make GMAIL filter my mail as not spam?

Discussion in 'Mail Server' started by SEOM, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. SEOM

    SEOM Guest

    Hi All,

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    I had configured own smtp server using iredmail. It is combination of nginx, mysql postfix, devocate and amavisd.
    - Point dns record to own server mx10 and mx20.
    - I set dkim, dmarc and svp.
    - I checked with mail tester and score full mark.
    - I sent email to port25 and everything is fine.

    Anyone know how to make gmail and yahoo whitelist my stmp server or my email will not filter as spam"?

  2. printon3d

    printon3d Guest

    Add your e-mail as a trusted email?
  3. Jef_UK

    Jef_UK Guest

    Have you set-up PTR records? Have you an SPF?

    edit sorry necro-bump

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