How can I copy and move a VM? (KVM)


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Apr 16, 2020
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I am on a path and I have to be careful.
I want to move a VM from 1 physical host to another with all of its applications in tact. I believe it should be completed by the following:

  1. on the source host run virsh dumpxml VMNAME > domxml.xml and copy this xml to the destination host
  2. on the destination host run virsh define domxml.xml
Am I correct in my thinking? Or is something missing?

What confuses me is whether or not the xml also defines the applications or just resource configs.

It's different for different virtual environments, I assume you are using KVM/QEMU if you're running virsh.

ah nice reference! thank you

I plan on also taking the image off and putting in in vmware or virtual box as well.

hoping something like this works


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