I have been using unix for a long time and have used a unix box daily since kde was first released.

Despite this, I am primarily a .NET developer and spendin a lot of time with MVC.NET and Windows 8 - although I have a lot of love node.js

With Apple and now M$ allowing desktop app stores, I wonder if Linux will be able to 'consumerism' something simlar?

Hello and welcome. I am not a developer, although I would love to get into programming eventually.

Ubuntu already has a store: the Ubuntu Software Center. It has both free and pay-for apps.

That being said, Steam will be coming to Linux soon and will offer its own store. So, I think that anything is possible.
Welcome to the forum :) I'm glad you're here.

And Ubuntu does have a sort of app store, like Bill mentioned. And then there's the game store Desura and Steam is coming to Linux soon as well.