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Discussion in 'General Linux' started by willguinn, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. willguinn

    willguinn Guest

    How do you open software with Linux mint 10 and how to run executive programs

  2. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Hi Will, welcome to Linux Forum!

    Linux Mint is using gnome 3 - you can access the software list by putting your mouse in the upper/left corner of the screen.

    If you know the command to start the program you're looking for, hit alt-f2 and a command prompt will appear on your screen.

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  3. willguinn

    willguinn Guest


    Thanks for the reply but I don't know any commands and when I try to open anything it just options a whole bunch of filea
  4. willguinn

    willguinn Guest


    I just Linux mint 10 what do I need to do so I can run windows programs
  5. willguinn

    willguinn Guest


    I downloaded crossover but I can't open it I need help lol
  6. grim76

    grim76 Guest

    willguinn - Please be more specific on what issue you are having. What are you trying to run? Error messages that you are getting? How are you trying to run the application?

    The more information that you give us like that the easier it will be for us to help find a solution for you.

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