Help to get full anonymity on Tails VM (Host: Kali, Debian)


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Mar 12, 2020
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I used to have two USBs: a SSD with my Kali Linux and a 16gb stick with Tails. I'm planning on creating a Tails VM so i can use the security this Linux distro provides, and i need to know what are the best network options (NAT? Host-only?) to pick and if using Kalitorify while changing the mac address of the VM can help. I already encrypted the VM but i read that using it on a VM is not fully anonymous. Any tip to give?

In practise Tails will give you full anonymity, because it is on USB flash. So there are no needs for VM. Just boot via USB flash with Tails. Tails can be used also for clearnet browsing directly, so this can be your main OS with full anonymity.

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