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Hi there people. I've always read and heard about Linux as an alternative to windows for quite some time. During some of my training as a tech there was a guy taking the Linux + certification course. This was instructor led with hands on experience also. He was the only guy taking that course. I never thought Linux would really take off, at least as a general home user type OS. I always knew it was very popular with programmers and as a server OS with Network admins and Network Engineers. I've always enjoyed learning command line in windows. Never have I pursued Linux more than trying to install it maybe 20 years ago now and then forgetting about it.

Today I'm thinking about it more and more and will probably take some Linux courses. I'm not sure if Linux + is still popular. I have some older pcs just sitting around collecting dust, so I might as well use one or two of them to try and learn Linux. The one thing I always heard about Linux was that finding drivers for hardware was/is always a pain in the arse. Does this still ring true today?. Am I gonna have a hard time finding chipset drivers for those old pc motherboards?.

The one thing that is pretty interesting to me and makes me want to learn Linux is that a lot of guys in my area of expertise use "Linux live" CDs or flash drives to boot into Linux and run applications for diagnosis. So learning Linux would certainly help me out that way.


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