Hello Linux World!



Hello guys and gals I just registered so I figured where better to make the first post than the introduction section right? Well, I don't have that much experience with Linux, but that's why I joined the forum! I have tried it out on a laptop not too long ago and some co-workers have been pushing me to try it on my main computer recently. So I will definitely be trying it out soon. Currently I have crappy old Microsoft Windows :( I'm a little ashamed to be saying that but hopefully that will change soon enough. But, I'm really into the whole music creation thing, not professionally but for fun. So if any of you experienced fellows could lend a helping suggestion on good music players and creators you've tried in the past or currently work with, I would greatly appreciate it! I hope everyone has an excellent day and I look forward to contributing to the forums further!



Welcome to linux forums, we are at same level with you, i don't know that much about linux either! But i'm learning all the time.. I have done some research at these forums and there is a lot of helpful information and many members who are willing to help you with any issues.

Enjoy your stay!


Hey, Welcome to LinuxForum. I've got a lot to learn from Linux myself and i agree that we've been taught to handle Windows ever since we learnt to use it. Linux in my opinion is large-stream and complex, so it does take a while to get a hold of most of it's basic functionality.

I'm sure you'll find the forum useful just like i did. Hope you have a nice time.


yup noob over here as well! welcome to the forum! I too dislike windows so i switched to linux. Im actually a mac user but by poor neglected dell looked so sad and dusty in the corner so I decided to tai windows off it and use linux :) Hope to see you around!!

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