Hello, I could use some help printing


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I have been a Linux user for quite a while, but I do not use the terminal much. I want to print a list of directories in a folder. I used the ls command and I can see the list I want to print. I have tried ls > Print.txt and that did not work. I used lpstat -d and my printer is listed, although when trying to print it says my printer is unplugged or turned off. It is plugged in and turned on. I can print just fine from any word doc. I have linux 18.2 cinnamon 64 bit v 3.4.6 sonya

It would be easier if I could just print from the window but there is no option for that that I can see.

Thank you in advance Dan


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Yes I can see the list of folders that I want to print. I just opened the dir in a window the left clicked and went to open in terminal. once there I typed ls and all the folders listed.


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if i do this :

$ cd /
$ ls
bin dev home lib64 media opt root sbin sys usr
boot etc lib lost+found mnt proc run srv tmp var

its list the dirs.

Now I can put that into a text file BUT where do i want the txt to go : I suggest /home/user/Desktop

ls > /home/andrew/Desktop/print2.txt

is there a txt file ?

cd ~/Desktop

ls --color


//just in case

sudo chmod 777 print.txt

to print that file, one way is to open it with a text editor geany, medit or other
or as you say try

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