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Grub Install Failed.


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Nite Chris ........that snapped me out of my post hungover state...


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Woo-hoo! I just installed Windows 10 followed by Linux Mint (MATE) and I'm getting the exact same error as you. Let's see if I can fix this thing now to offer you a more direct solution. Back soon with luck.... back later if not so lucky. :eek::D

[EDIT 1] Well, my error was the same, but the outcome is different. I can only boot Windows with the UEFI Boot Menu (your F9 option) but if left alone it is trying and failing to boot Mint and leaves me at the grub> rescue prompt. More edits may follow here.

[EDIT 2] Found some command line magic and I have grub booting now and able to select between Mint or Windows. I want to do a bit more checking before I suggest these steps. Hoping for something easier.
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Well, my Wizard friend should turn me into a toad. :eek::eek::D:D (Except he would greatly like the command line magic I mentioned above. But I believe he is already quite familiar with it.)

I started over again (reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch and then Mint MATE) to confirm something I mentioned yesterday.... that you should NOT connect to the internet while installing Mint. Sure enough, the install went flawlessly and did not give the /target/ error as before. Upon rebooting, GRUB starts the computer and allows Mint (default) or Windows to be be selected. This is the "easier method" that I was hoping for! :D

But before you jump in, still let me emphasize that you should backup anything from Windows that is critically important for you to keep. Your experience going forward may not match mine, and we do not want you to lose any data.

Let me detail my steps to distinguish how I installed differently. If you want to follow my steps exactly, you would first go into Windows and delete the partition(s) you created for Linux and rejoin that space back to your Windows partition. The reason is that I did not follow the "Something else" installation type as shown in your video tutorial. Honestly, Linux Mint has done wonders to make installation EASY, but it is sometimes hard for some of us (like me) to think so simply.

(Assuming that you rejoined the hard drive space back to your Windows partition....)

1. Boot on your Linux DVD or USB and run the installer. Do not allow Linux to connect to the internet (wired or wireless).

2. Accept all the defaults that it offers you unless you really NEED to change anything (language, keyboard, etc).

3. At the Installation Type.... choose Install Linux Mint alongside Windows Boot Manager. It will show you a graphic with Windows on the left and Mint on the right. You can drag the divider between them to resize the partitions to your liking. When done here, click OK (or Next or Continue, whatever it says).... and you will get 2 more screens warning about resizing and these changes can't be undone... keep going through these screens.

4. At the Who Are You screen, give your name, the computer name (something short is nice, like hp, or dell, or tara), leave your lower case user name that it created from what you entered above, enter a password twice (don't forget it), and finally choose whether to log in automatically or whether you want it to require your password. DO NOT CHECK the box to encrypt your home folder for now. Encryption adds another layer of complexity and potential for problems... wait until you have more knowledge/experience.

5. Finish it up. It should prompt you to Restart or Continue Testing, and of course you want to Restart when it's done.

With luck, I hope, you will come to the very ugly GRUB menu screen, all black with tiny text at the top (very tiny if you have a high resolution monitor). It will have the top selection highlighted... that is Mint, and it will boot automatically after about 10 seconds. If you want Windows, you would have to arrow down twice to highlight the Windows Boot Manager, then hit Enter. I'm sure you can change the GRUB screen resolution if the text is too small, or maybe it will not matter to you.

I can't express how very simple the install I described above is to go through.... you literally accept everything it suggests and only need to resize the partitions and provide your name/password personal info. It is so easy! If you choose not to rejoin your partitions to Windows first and still follow along with the "Something Else" method.... it may very well work too as long as you do not connect to the internet during the installation. But I don't think I will install Windows a 3rd time to test out that method. :eek::D:D:D

Hope to hear a good report from you soon!



Extremely late reply buuuut.... yeah the internet connection thing did make it work. My installation is complete and i am totally amazed at it aswell. I swear i tried turning off internet but i guess not. What a simple answer haha its too bad it took that long for that! Anyway thank you!


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Good stuff !!....have fun.

Have you activated the firewall ?

sudo ufw enable

need to check if it is on...?
sudo ufw status


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This is a recent flaw, and it's taken us by surprise too. It will be fixed before long... but in the mean time there have been others asking the same question! :eek::D

Glad to hear you're up and running now! :D:D


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Hey Thomas, welcome to linux.org :) and we are glad that Stan's (@atanere 's) voodoo did the trick for you.

Enjoy your Linux, and


Chris Turner
wizardfromoz ... that's DownUnder :D

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