gigabyte GA-970A-DS3p wont install or run linux

Before i go into detail has anyone else had this problem.It loads window 10 and 7 perfectly the computer runs fine (the cpu is fx8370) and asus geforce gt 710)
When i try to install any linux during boot it says all the usbs cannot be read and something about the kernel. When i waited for 3 hours the login appeared . But i then have no mouse or keyboard so i cannot login. Ive tried unbuntu debian arch centos all to some degree the same out come. Yet put in macos win 10 win 7 it is perfect. And before any one says just use windows i dont want to use windows im a 4 month convert to linux and was enjoying it. I am typing this message on a win os as i have no othyer choice. Any assisstance would be appreciated.


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G'day Gary :), is this the same box you were running Kali on, or a different one?

When i waited for 3 hours the login appeared
You are more patient than I. :p

Its a new motherboard and cpu trying to load debian. I have also tried centos and mint all the same
When i load i get
Hardware name gigabytetech to be filed by o.e.m/970A-DS3P,bios FD 02/26/16 call trace
panic+ 0xe7/0x247
prepare_nhame space+0x135/0x16b
rest_ini 0xa/0x104
? rest_init+0xaa

with centos got
call trace
dump stack
panic 0xe7/0x247
do earely param
?rest kernel
read64 error -32 usb 6281036-1
enumarate fail
Theres a bit more it its so fast im trying to get it all down

In windows all works fine but it questions the usb porta all of them but they all work in windows 10
Think im cursed.
thanks anyway bud


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If you can get into your BIOS setup, see if there is a setting for IOMMU, and change it and re-try.

An I/O Memory Management Unit (IOMMU) is a hardware component that provides two main functions: I/O Translation and Device Isolation. ● The IOMMU translates memory addresses presented by devices from “I/O space” to “machine space” to allow a particular device to access physical memory potentially out of its range.


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No problemo, compadre ... it's what I (don't) get paid for. :D

Enjoy your Linux


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