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Hellow, yet another forum I joined. I have several forums I am on. I am on tulpa dot info, LD4all (lucid dreaming), and Adisc to name a few. I am a Christian tulpamancer and babyfur. I am very open as you can probably tell. I have personal secrets but, only where necessary. I rather know that the friends I have are real instead being isolated by too many secrets. When I was a toddler there was an accident where I fell off a slide and momentarily went unconscious. A couple years later a tbi showed up in a brain scan. It was in the area of my brain that is responsible for speaking and understanding spoken words. I was diagnosed with autism (Asperger syndrome) and OCD. I generally attribute this to why I use tulpamancy and agereg as coping mechanisms. I express myself best through art and writing but, I loved math and science ever since I was little. I want to learn C/C++ and Assembler. I find assembler especially fascinating because of how it used to be converted to binary by hand in the early days.
As my other thread stated, my Linux computer bitten the dust at age 10. I am hopeful to get another Linux machine going soon. I am also planning on getting a custom built dual boot computer within the next two and a half years for RedHat and windows. Windows is frustrating to use but, I plan on having it on my custom built PC for producing YT videos. I am very hopeful to make some new friends and maybe even provide for the Linux community some day. I would love to pass on the helpful kindness people had when I started by solving peoples technical problems. I hope to help as many people as I possibly can to learn Linux. That is, when I manage to relearn Linux and become fluent in it.
I normally link my public diary on blogger in my sig on most forums but, it seems that is not exactly allowed here. Hints why I wrote this long introduction. I use my public diary to make it possible for people on all the forums to get to know me and stay on the same page. I understand the issue with spam and I will respect the rules. Which by the way I have not found the rules yet and if someone would be kind enough to provide a link I would really appreciate it. I hope there is a way to provide a link to my public diary somewhere such as my profile if thats allowed. If not I hope none of you hesitate to ask me anything. Of course within reason.


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I normally link my public diary on blogger in my sig on most forums but, it seems that is not exactly allowed here.
Welcome again!

The "rules" are, for the most part, common sense and courtesy.... but sometimes folks have different ideas about that. We are a Linux self help community, and that is our focus. So, in general, things that are not Linux-related are usually not helpful to our goals. We generally do not wish to provide free advertising by promoting off topic websites. The rules are not written into policy... mods and admin discuss issues or problems as they arise. Admin @Rob is the final arbitrator in all cases.

So, all of that is not to say that we don't sometimes drift off topic or poke a little fun with one another. We do. Everyone here aims to be friendly and helpful as we try to assist people with Linux problems. When we drift off topic, we do try to get back on before it gets out of hand. We have only recently created a special forum for Off Topic, and that might be a place that you would wish to explore. It is still new and experimental... meaning "the rules" are more lax there for now. But it is still a place to exercise common sense, respect, and courtesy to others... and so far, so good. I hope that it lasts.

And I hope that you enjoy your time here and that you can find your way back into Linux and programming without too much trouble.



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G'day @LittlePebble10 and welcome to from DownUnder (Australia).

I am behind Stan @atanere in what he has said above.

Our Terms and Rules, such as they are, can be found here

8 paragraphs. :)

Enjoy your Linux and


Chris Turner

BTW, I too am an Aspie, but I hang my hat here and call it Home. These are good people.


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G'day LittlePebble, and welcome to

Stay a while. There are no secrets here. We can help you learn. Give us your time

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