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E. Scott Heinis

Hey all!

I have been researching a solution for our office so that we can get rid of some obsolete hardware, as well hardware that is subscription-based. I haven't been able to find what I was looking for, so I was hoping someone here could help.

We have a Juniper SSG-5 running as a gateway to our Windows Server 2003 machine. The SSG-5 is subscription-based and the company that installed it no longer supports it. Juniper wants A LOT to extend the subscription for the firewall/virus service. Since the device is OLD and at EOL, it would be a waste to throw good money after bad.

What I am looking for is a Linux distro to install on a spare machine (Dell PowerEdge 1950)that will to the following:
  • Replace the SSG as our firewall/gateway
  • Manage our 5 external IP Adresses (FiOS)
Our Windows 2003 server will continue to handle internal DHCP, manage the local domain and users provide internet connectivity. We will also be adding the following servers that will be segregated from the Windows server:
  • Web Server to host a new website that is being developed
  • Communications Server to host a video teleconferencing solution and PBX system
  • SMTP/POP3 mail server
  • SMS Gateway
Ideally, I would like the gateway/firewall to have a GUI interface rather than run from the command prompt.

So, based on the information I have provided, is there a solution out there for the gateway/firewall that will meet my needs? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Scott I use iptables to create firewalls base on Linux, but it's a little complicate (not too much) there's a Linux distribution that has Web-GUI the name is IPCob. I dont know if that is what you are looking for.
I have been looking over IPCop as well as ClearOS. Anyone have any experience/thoughts?
I am looking at ClearOS, as I need to do 1:1 NAT to manage the external static IP addresses. Any thoughts?

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