From Ubuntu 18.10 to 18.04 LTS


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Apr 2, 2019
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Just to clarify Wizard, I used Zorin OS 9 (based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) from 2014 or so because it was a more comfortable transition from my unreliable Windows 7. It also had Gnome 2 or something. It was mostly a joy to use with only the mobile internet having difficulty to connect. I was heavier than the Lubuntu I am using now.

I use a 3G dongle to connect to the internet on the most unreliable network in my country, South Africa, but the data is the cheapest. Downloading anything large cuts out when the connection suddenly stops working without warning, anytime of day or night.

My graphics card's fan also gave up the ghost recently and I am using a APU only.

So, Lubuntu is the best option for me in this third world, budged constrained situation.

You are absolutely right! There are many choices for many kinds of people in the Linux world. Even when you financial or hardware situation changes, in the past when I wanted to use a new version of Windows I had to buy a new PC.

Have to finish! Planned electricity blackouts for two and a half hours because they can't manage the power utility very well.

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