Free Subdomain provider for my vs2-free

I can not find any free provider for free subdomains :( . Now i have ordered a domain on euserv to solve my problems.
You can try they give you free subdomains with tld feature, except you can't change there NS server.
Beside that and "duckdns" also available but they only give you options to add an A record only.

dnsexit is good unless you decide to create mail server with it,then if you send mail from dnsexit domain it always goes to spam, in case of outlook mail is completely rejected. Beside that all fine
Thanks for your reply but its now to late i have already registerd for our community. But thanks for your help.
It's ok, maybe it will help in future for someone.
By the I see you manage a web server. I have a query about that, it's little bit off topic and not that important, so if you have free time then mind my question if possible.
"Q: I have running a mail server in hestiacp, but I can't receive emails, later I find that it happen because I use public DNS and as blacklist mail. But if I use public DNS spamhaus block all query even it's not in blacklist. After some research then I find out if I use private DNS recursion like powerdns and unbound then I am able to receive mails, but I don't know how to setup these DNS server along with hestiacp, also bind is already install and setup by this control panel. So what I do"
As I understand it, you dont need a own recursor. You must only query the blocklist formated subdomains. You can use the forwarder of your provider.

Blocklists send empty string if the ip is not on blocklist and if the ip is on blacklist.

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