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Aug 3, 2019
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My calling is in art and writing so, its not uncommon for people to get a little confused. At least when I explain it. I even had one person thought I wrote code for blogs. I am a blogger but, I actually don't know a whole lot about html or any other web page design type of programming. My languages that I know are Python, and c/c++. My type of programming is either for making Command-line based programs or MCU electronics programming. I am trying to learn GUI stuff with Gnome GTK in "C" but, it will be a while before I actually make my first application. I plan on making a Bible/devotional diary type of program when I master GTK.
The one question I get that is not exactly possible to answer is, "what is this for?" I normally go into the details of the current project I am on but, a lot of times that does not answer their question because they are normally wanting to know what an arduino, raspberry pi, or programming software is for. I will try to explain by saying they are for designing things and making prototypes. I pretty much give up when they repeat the question because some how that don't answer their question.
What about you guys? What odd or unusal interactions have you had with family and friends when it came to explianing your type of work or hobby?
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